Ice-cream Monerris Santander

I’m not a particularly sweet-toothed person. Myself and my oven do become acquainted when I feel the need to make a dessert or cake I grew up with but cannot find in Northern Spain. But as the weather gets warmer – I feel less like baking and more like eating ICE-CREAM. I didn’t realise how […]

Villa Luisa Santander

Yesterday, I walked past an old house – of which there are very few – in my neighbourhood. It’s called Villa Luisa and it’s boarded up. How is it possible, I thought – that nobody cares about it? I came home and googled. It’s a sad story. I found out it was built in 1917 […]

Los Peligros beach playa Santander Urban beaches

Being a peninsula, Santander is spoiled for coastline and whenever I get a free hour or two I like to walk on the beach. Last Sunday I decided to see how many beaches I could take in. I managed nine within my two-hour walk going at a steady pace. There are another three or four […]

Ricardo Lorenzo Avenida Castros Santander 1972

I’ve started looking around Santander with new eyes recently. In a previous post, I described the ferry building in Santander as seductive. And I spoke about living in a 1960s block and loving it.  I didn’t explain why I liked these buildings. The simple answer is good architecture. And my new hero is Ricardo Lorenzo. […]

cranes working on Centro Botin Santander

I’ve been banging on about the new building going up in Santander to friends and family and thought I’d write about it here. I’ve two reasons – one is that the building is a little gem – on the plans at least – and secondly – there isn’t much published in English – so I […]

bay Santander evening southern wind

So what’s it like – Santander? You’ve been there for a while. What’s it got going for itself? It’s hard to describe why I would choose to live on the seventh floor of a 1960s apartment block in a city of 180,000 people with my three small kids. But all it takes is a visit […]

“THERE IS no fool like an old fool. Vanity grows with the years. So do eyeteeth, toenails and warts. But these do not obtrude themselves on others or lead their owners into indiscretions. Vanity does both.” That was my great-grandfather, Joseph O’Connor, aged 75, in 1952 in the opening paragraph of his biography called ‘Hostage to […]

Pamela keyboard

My first post. It’s 19th March – Father’s day in Spain or ‘El Dia de San Jose’ in my part of the world – Santander, Spain. Best wishes to fathers and Jose’s everywhere  – especially all the Jose’s in my life and those who sadly have passed away. It feels like a big moment – […]