bay Santander evening southern wind

So what’s it like – Santander? You’ve been there for a while. What’s it got going for itself? It’s hard to describe why I would choose to live on the seventh floor of a 1960s apartment block in a city of 180,000 people with my three small kids. But all it takes is a visit […]

“THERE IS no fool like an old fool. Vanity grows with the years. So do eyeteeth, toenails and warts. But these do not obtrude themselves on others or lead their owners into indiscretions. Vanity does both.” That was my great-grandfather, Joseph O’Connor, aged 75, in 1952 in the opening paragraph of his biography called ‘Hostage to […]

Pamela keyboard

My first post. It’s 19th March – Father’s day in Spain or ‘El Dia de San Jose’ in my part of the world – Santander, Spain. Best wishes to fathers and Jose’s everywhere  – especially all the Jose’s in my life and those who sadly have passed away. It feels like a big moment – […]