Pamela Cahill in Santander Spain

Pamela Cahill (me!) in Santander Spain. Pic credit: Laura Madrazo

Hi and welcome to my blog. You are probably wondering who I am and what my connections are with Spain…

I grew up in Ireland surrounded by computers, art and apples. I first touched Spanish soil in 1992 when I studied in Salamanca, a beautiful university city, before heading to Santander on the northern coast for the summer as an au-pair. Little did I know that I’d be back again with kids of my own. 

The route back to Santander took in Brussels, Cork, London, Madrid and Amsterdam. From these locations I worked in many roles in the public, private and voluntary sector. At the turn of the millennium, I transitioned from working as a business analyst with Dell Computers in Ireland to managing a team of online researchers in London and never looked back. I completed a PMA Postgraduate course in Magazine Journalism in 2002 and had my first byline as an assistant editor on a business title within a few weeks. In time, itchy feet took me away from London but I continued to freelance for a number of British business publications.

I never really planned to live in Santander – I came here for a month in 2007 and it seemed to be a nice place to raise a family and set-up a business. In 2013 I started writing this blog and love the motivation it gives me to explore new or hidden parts of the city. When I began, I imagined the posts might be useful to people visiting the city (or thinking about moving to Spain) from abroad but I have come to realise that many of my readers are Santanderinos either living here or abroad that are interested in seeing their city in a different light.

While Santander will always have a special place in my heart, I’ve been spending a lot more time in Dublin to be nearer family, following what was a very sad 2021 when we had to say ‘farewell’ to my younger brother in April. Paddy was not only great at encouraging me to write about Santander but he physically came on many of the walkabouts that led to some of the blogposts. As I’m finding my feet here post-pandemic, I’m not yet sure how this blog will evolve. I guess I’ll just let it find its own feet and when the time is right, I’ll start back posting again… 

Please feel free to comment on my posts – I love feedback. And if there’s anything you think I’ve missed out on or needs amending – let me know.

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  1. Just wanted to say that I have enjoyed reading your blog. Unfortunately I have no Spanish despite living here 6 years, you have a nice style of writing – the sort of stuff that interests me. Looking forward to updates. Particularly enjoyed the Pantheon article. Patrick – Galizano.

    1. Thanks for your nice comment Patrick and for dropping by my blog. I really enjoyed writing and taking the pics for the Pantheon post – you’ve reminded me to take a stroll over there again before the end of the Summer…

  2. eileen o'connor kaser · · Reply

    hi: i am eileen o’connor kaser and live in montrose colorado. your mother is my second cousin, as my grandfather vincent was your great-grandfather joseph’s brother. i am re-reading hostage to fortune and decided to google it in an attempt to wander my way around cyberspace to find out the names of all of the 5 brothers and 5 sisters he had. he doesn’t name the last one. anyway, your blog came up. i enjoyed reading parts of it. when my husband and my 2 daughters traveled to ireland several years ago we enjoyed meeting your mother and father and touring the burren.
    i will enjoy reading your blog.

    1. Hi Eileen,
      Thanks for getting in touch. As you can tell I’ve been living outside Ireland for a few years but I did hear about that day in Clare. It’s lovely to keep these family connections open. I checked with Mum who tells me that the fifth child born in Ireland was Gerald which must make him the youngest. Does that fit? All my best for now,

  3. Hello again Pamela, wondered if you’d like to see my daughters blog in respect of her recent stay in Galizano, currently in two parts but more to come.

    Regards Patrick

    1. Hi there Patrick,
      You have a blogger in the family! It’s a lovely post – I’ve just followed the blog so I can stay up to date with your daughter’s Cantabria trails. It looks like you might even be taking part in some of these walks. I love having company when preparing some of my posts but it doesn’t happen that often. Having an extra set of hands and somebody to bounce ideas off is always a treat. I bet your daughter has a long list of hikes to get through in Cantabria – I’m sure you’ll enjoy each and every one 🙂

  4. Hi Pamela, just wanted to say I love reading your blog. I spent my year abroad in Santander (1990) & reading about the city really does take me back to happy times spent there. How lucky you are to have made it your home.
    Thanks again,

    1. Hi Sarah – thanks for getting in touch – it’s lovely to hear this blog means something to you. As you’ve seen in my posts, the city has changed quite a bit in some ways but the essence of it is the same. You are right – I am very lucky to live here. Glad to hear your year out was a happy one! All my best for 2016, PamX

  5. Susan Jachimiec · · Reply

    Great site for us visiting Bilbao today…market tomorrow.

    1. Thanks for commenting Susan. Hope you had a great time in the market – it’s always a great pleasure to walk about Spain’s ‘mercados’ and see what the locals put in their bags and baskets! All my best, Pam

  6. ursula lennon · · Reply

    Hi Pamela I was just visiting my sister who lives in Santander, Madeline Lennon and she was telling me about you. She hopes to meet up with you soon for a chat. Two Irish women married to Spaniards and with kids in Santander !! I am looking forward to following your blog. Thanks. Ursula x

    1. Hi Ursula,
      Hope you enjoyed your time here in Santander! It’s been ages since I met up with Madeline – will get in touch with her now. Thanks so much for following the blog. I hope it encourages you to come back here again and maybe our paths might cross. All my best for now, Pamela.

  7. Murdina and James McColl · · Reply

    Hi Pamela, very recently my daughter gave me the link to your blog which I think is really interesting. My husband and I are two Scottish OAP’s who have lived in Cantabria for 12 years, 2 years in Santander before we moved to the Pueblo Bonito that is Liérganes about 15 kilometers from the Aeropuerto.We love to visit Santander and every time we do so we think about moving back. When we first moved we had some English friends who have since returned to Britain and we are wondering if you know of any English speaking groups in Santander we could get in touch with?

    1. Hi Murdina & James,
      Thanks for commenting and sorry for taking some days to reply. There are a few groups that meet through English but I have very limited experience of them so I’m a bit hesitant to recommend any. Look me up if you do move back here to the city – it’s always great to meet others from abroad who have been living here for a while. You’ll find it hard to leave Lierganes, I’m sure. It’s such a great place! I often take friends and family for a walkabout and lunch or some tasty hot chocolate and churros at weekends. And Dougalls micro-brewery is another draw. I’m sure you have come across Andrew who I believe has some Scottish connections.
      All my best for now and looking forward to meeting you at some stage,

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