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Pamela keyboard

Me on my keyboard

My first post. It’s 19th March – Father’s day in Spain or ‘El Dia de San Jose’ in my part of the world – Santander, Spain. Best wishes to fathers and Jose’s everywhere  – especially all the Jose’s in my life and those who sadly have passed away.

It feels like a big moment – my first post – so I thought I’d check out what other big events were taking place to get a bit of perspective. Turns out it’s a pretty normal day in Santander. Not so in Valencia. Today they go a bit nuts and burn down enormous papier-mache figures that have taken the previous 12 months to create.

The big event today is in Rome – where the new Pope is giving his inaugural mass. Of course, I don’t want to forget the Cypriots – who are eagerly awaiting to hear what percentage of their savings will be seized. And personally, I’m delighted to hear that in Dublin, Ryanair has placed an order for another 175 Boeing jets. (Ryanair flies my family and friends from Santander to London and Dublin and vice-versa. Long may they last)

But what am I doing? When I post this (and recover from the technical hitches involved in getting this far…) I am grabbing something quick to eat – a pincho de tortilla probably – and going for a walk on the prettiest seafront ever.

Do you know this part of the world?

Cantabria bay

Views of the bay from Puertochico, Santander


  1. Carlos Bustillo Fernández · · Reply

    Un buen trabajo Pamela enhorabuena y suerte

    1. Many thanks Carlos!

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